2019 12, July

How to choose a Koh Tao diving school

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If you’re interested in choosing a Koh Tao diving school and you’re looking for some inside local wisdom before you make your choice, you’ve come to the right place. Choosing a Koh Tao Diving School Diving quality, experience, professionalism, equipment [...]

2018 14, October

Sail Rock Diving

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It is not the destination but the journey that is important, right? Not when you are scuba diving at Sail Rock! Diving Destination Thailand The day starts early but you are diving Sail Rock by 8 am, you have an [...]

2016 22, February

Meet Mojo Monday: Taylor Daniels

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Meet Mojo Monday: Taylor Daniels Taylor Daniels hails all the way from Boulder, Colorado and first fell in love with diving in Mendecino, California 5 years ago. The first time Taylor [...]

2016 13, February

Mojo moves to the beach!

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Mojo moves to the beach! After a month of construction and decoration, we have officially launched our second Mojo Divers shop! Thanks to a new partnership with Grand Beach Resort, you can now [...]