Mojo, Roctopus, Sairee Cottage Diving (SCD) and Goodtime Adventures (GTA) met at the GTA Café for breakfast, coffee and lectures for the monthly Eco Day. Pete, Marcel and Alan talked about marine pollution, the different turtles species and sharks and their importance within the marine food chain, the impact of human intervention and conservation work.

Peter G talking about pollution It was this big!

We broke for lunch and the beach clean-up team met at Goodtimes to clean Sairee beach after the recent windy weather. The fourteen strong diving team went to Sairee Cottage Diving and took their boat around to Mao Bay on the east side of the island.

Just chillin' Dive briefing

Splitting into buddy pairs the divers took their mesh bags and scoured the bay for rubbish. Fishing lines, nets, plastic bottles, two bike tyres, glass bottles were all collected and brought back to the boat. A couple of divers were lucky enough to be joined by a large turtle during the dive, although he didn’t hang around for long. There was enough rubbish collected to fill two large rubbish sacks but our work is not done as there is lots of rubbish on the shore that still needs to be collected. On the way back we treated ourselves to a cold beer.

Just chillin' IMG_1157
With the rubbished disposed of, equipment and bodies cleaned we met at Banyan Bar for a barbeque and party, which for some turned into a very long party.

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