So you are about to go on your scuba diving holiday, maybe on Koh Tao or on one of the many famous wrecks found around the world.  You have studied the photos and researched the vessel online.  You plan to see everything or even take photos of a piece of maritime history.  You arrive all excited ready to explore this sunken treasure and descend and we have our very wreck dive site here on Koh Tao, the HTMS Sattakut.

Before you know it time is up as you approach your maximum bottom time and realise there is so much more to see but what if we could extend that time allowing us to enjoy the wreck in all its glory?  Well by using enriched air (Nitrox) we can.

By increasing the oxygen content in our cylinder we reduce the nitrogen content allowing us to spend more time at a given depth before we reach our no decompression limit (NDL).

Check out the trailer below.

Here at Mojo Divers we will teach you the procedures, special considerations and dive planning skills required to get the most out of your dives using Nitrox.

With more and more liveaboards these days offering unlimited diving and free Nitrox you can really get the maximum enjoyment in some of the best sites around the world.

So whether you want to spend more time at depth, explore as much of the worlds best dive sites on your liveaboard trip or simply want to do shallower dives with less Nitrogen loading then the enriched air Nitrox course is the one for you. If you want to know more then contact us.



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