Twins dive site is on the west side of Koh Nangyuan, it is the most visited dive site in Asia because it has a lot to offer all levels of divers, it is sheltered and close to Koh Tao so no long boat rides to get there and back so less time for customers to get there and back.

Lots of colorful Christmas Tree worms

Fun dives, try scuba diving

It is used for fun dives, try scuba diving, open water course dives 2, 3 & 4, the buoyancy or navigation dives for the advanced course.  For teaching courses it is versatile; there is lots of sand to practice dive skills on away from the corals, loads of fish, corals & colors for the divers & students.  The view from the boat is stunning, 3 small jungle-covered islands connected by a sandbar and behind that Koh Tao itself.

The dive sites consists 3 rock pinnacles

The dive site consists of 3 rock pinnacles with sand all around starting shallow at 5m & at high tide, you can get 20m on the deep pinnacle, with a few meters of sand in between them.  To the north, a short swim away is Buoyancy Word, an artificial reef made into tunnels, concrete creatures, hoops too swim through and wire-framed structures to attract corals and act as a nursery for fish, essentially it is a playground for divers and fish.

Scribbled Filefish, Shallow Pinnacle, Twins Koh Tao

On the shallow pinnacle, there is lots of marine life

Being shallow with lots of sand the light is amazing & so are the colours, there are small caverns where batfish hide, a short tunnel to test your buoyancy skills.  Lots of over hangs to look under for blue spot stingrays, the occasional Jenkins ray, crocodile fish and cleaner shrimp if you have good eyes.

The Nemo fish family live in an anemone that is south of middle pinnacle, 10m away, divers have put a ring of stones around it as a barrier to other and students to ask them not to get too close & stress the family. This family has changed a lot in the time I have been here.  From a big family, to a small family, to a single fish & back again to a family, they are so famous they are even on the dive site map.

Finding Nemo, Twins Koh Tao

A few metres away from the middle pinnacle

So many fish

Come to Koh Tao diving!

What other types of fish can you see there?  Scorpionfish camouflaged amongst the rocks & corals (really hard to spot), schools of barracuda near the deep pinnacle, white-eyed morays, blue-ringed angelfish, parrot fish, different types of groupers, the occasional turtle & even rarer a whale shark sometimes comes to visit,; listen for the excited shouts from the boat captains and boat boys.  If you swim close to the beach away from the dive site you might see blacktip reef sharks if you are lucky, they are very shy and don’t like divers.  Did you know more people are bitten in New York by other New Yorkers that are bitten by sharks worldwide?  Still, want to go to New York for shopping or come to Koh Tao for diving?

My favourite dive site

The shallow pinnacle is a great place to make your safety stop

Shallow Pinnacle, Twins Koh Tao

A great place for your safety stop on you scuba diving course, lots to see.

Being so busy I like diving there in the mornings when it is a lot quieter as and the visibility seems to be better in the mornings, but any time of day is good for diving here.  Fancy a night dive there?