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Koh Tao Fun Diving

Are you thinking of Koh Tao for fun diving?  We have a lot to offer all levels of divers.  It is a small island that is literally surrounded by dive sites, with a year-long dive season we can dive 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.  So no matter when you are visiting Koh Tao you can always go fun diving. We have mix of shallow dive sites, sheltered bays, artificial reefs, swim-throughs, caves, huge pinnacles, deep sites and even a wreck or two to explore; there is a dive site to suit everyone.  We go out twice per day and visit two dive sites each time. Want to find Nemo?   Search for a whale shark?

Scuba Review | 1/2 day or morning

If you have not been diving for 6 months, have no experience diving in a coral reef, took diving courses outside of Koh Tao and have less than 10 dives?  Then you will need to complete a scuba review or refresh to update your diving skills and theory knowledge.  To make sure that you are safe to dive and comfortable with your scuba equipment and the environment.  You can choose to do a scuba review earlier if you wish if you want to feel more comfortable when you go fun diving.

You can choose to do just the theory and skills review off the beach, starting at 8am and finishing by 10am and you would be ready to start your next scuba diving course in the afternoon.

Or start at 11am going through theory and in the afternoon you do a skills review at a dive site and complete 1 fun dive with an optional second dive depending on time, returning to Sairee at approximately 4.30pm.

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