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Lets continue our chapter talking about Regulators but more about what is an O2 Clean regulator !!!

Since the Open Water diver is familiar with the scuba regulator and learn how it works and how to use it.

Later on, when the divers want to get into the Deep and Enriched Air Nitrox combined specialty, they will get introduced to balanced and pneumatically balanced First and Second stag regulators and what percentage of oxygen the diver is allowed to use up to a maximum 40%.

As we know, oxygen is a gaseous chemical element, 1790, from French oxygène, coined in 1777 by French chemist Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier (1743-1794), from the Greek word oxys “sharp, acid” and oxygen does not burn, but it is an oxidizer and supports the process of combustion. This means, if you already have a fuel source such as wood on a boat and a flame or ignition, adding oxygen will feed the flames. The reaction can be dangerous and violent, which is why it’s never a good idea to store or use oxygen around any sort of flame and why we say on our diving boat no smoking on the lower deck that has all the tanks and the first aid oxygen tank.

O2 clean regulators use special parts and are assembled in a clean room using all oxygen compatible materials and lubricants, this regulator can be used with higher concentrations of oxygen more than 40% without the need for additional preparation.
These types of regulators are used when divers Extend Their Range by completing some additional Technical training such as the SSI Extended Range Nitrox Course because this course allow you to do a Decompression Stop before ascending to the surface so and an O2 clean regulator is needed.

Using a non-O2 clean regulator with enriched air or high oxygen concentration may risk a deterioration of your regulator and the need to maintain it more often or even really damage it.  It is of course much safer to use with an O2 Clean Reg 

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