I arrived in Thailand with the idea of traveling for one month like almost all the others tourists. After I was done visiting the north and most of the islands I arrived on Koh Tao. I wanted to stay there for 4 days, just enough time to give a second chance to scuba diving, I had a bad experience in the past and I was scared to death to try again.

Mojo Team ready for "battle" at Songkhran

Mojo Team ready for “battle” at Songkran

After meeting a lot of people and shops around the island, I came in Mojo Divers. I met with Mo and Mahdi and talk with them for a little while. I have no idea how they did it but I was feeling already more confident and less scared, so I signed up for my open water and advance and I was feeling so good that I already had the idea for the dive master training.

An underwater selfie, I couldn't help myself. not part of my dive master training

An underwater selfie, I couldn’t help myself. not part of my dive master training… 🙂

Two days, I took me two days in my open water course with Elliot to completely fall in love with diving. He just knew how to make me feel good and confident under the water, he was patient and clear. After the first day of my advanced I just ran to the shop to sign up for my dive master. What was supposed to be 4 days will turn into 5 months. It took me only a couple of days to feel that I was part of the Mojo family. All the staff helped me to find a place to stay, a scooter, the good and cheap restaurants around and all I should know about the island. One month and a half to complete my dive master, one month and a half of joy under the water and on land. I had the chance to dive with all the instructors and mostly Lisa, who was training me.

Dive master course

We’ve all seen a whale shark at Chumpon Pinnacle

They taught me everything they knew, taught me how to be better under the water and make me become the professional diver that I am today. All the techniques, how confident I am under the water and the tips that I know today is because of them. The experience that I had with Mojo is just indescribable and I have no regrets in changing my plans. When I was done with my training they gave me a chance to prove myself as a dive master with a 2 week trial, after these 2 weeks they give me a full time job and I was so happy to continue my adventure with them.

A dive master underwater, hard at work

A dive master underwater, hard at work

More than 200 dives, one dive master in scuba diving, one open water in free diving and some friendships that I will never forget, I left Thailand for a new adventure, but I’m giving a big part of my heart and I have more than ever to the desire to continue my career as a dive professional and become an instructor. During all this experience, I never felt any regrets for choosing Mojo and it would not have been the same somewhere else. I am more than happy about everything in Mojo and I will recommend this dive centre a 110% to anyone that wants to try scuba diving, pursue their open water course or just for fun diving. Safety and customer satisfaction are really important for them and that’s one of the reason that make them the best dive centre.

Our SSI Dive Master certifications, its official

Our SSI Dive Master certifications, its official


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