Who does not like learning with the convenience of studying in your own time? Some of us are in some sort of lockdown or quarantine and running out of shows and movies to watch so why not use your time to increase your knowledge around scuba diving.

There are now many courses that can now be done online, including the exam, any academic sessions with an instructor can be via webinars, skype or zoom etc.  There is no reason for you not continue your diving education so when you can travel to Koh Tao you are better prepared and educated.

Science of Diving

We have already mentioned Science of Diving and Marine Ecology for SSI professionals but there are other courses too and for the ecology courses you don’t have to be a diver to study them.

You can read all the theory and complete the exam from where you are, online, along with any sessions with an instructor, the cost of the course depends on how much diving is involved.  Watch out for information on the individual courses and any costs, payment can be via Paypal or bank transfer, so its easy.  Some courses require diving sessions and these can be scheduled once the current situation improves.  If you are unable to travel then the courses can be cancelled by the end of this year at no cost.

Marine Ecology

What this current situation does give you is that you can study the theory for a course or courses all the way to final exam and if you don’t want to pay for the certification or unable to complete the diving portions the course can be cancelled and the fee can be refunded.  SSI have changed their pricing agreement for this year due to the virus and we can pass this on to you, our customers.

Fish Identification

If you are interested in any of the following courses send us a message or email [email protected]

Courses available for online academic study:

  • Boat Diving
  • Coral Identification
  • Deep Diving
  • Dive Guide
  • Diver Stress And Rescue
  • Equipment Techniques
  • Enriched Air Nitrox
  • Fish Identification
  • Manta and Ray Ecology
  • Marine Ecology
  • Navigation
  • Night and Limited Visibility
  • Perfect Buoyancy
  • Photo And Video
  • React Right (3 exams – First Aid/CPR, AED, O2 Provider)
  • Science of Diving
  • Sea Turtle Ecology
  • Search And Recovery
  • Shark Ecology
  • Sidemount Diving
  • Wreck Diving (2 exams – Wreck, Advanced Wreck)

Sea Turtle Ecology

Who can take the courses?

  • At a minimum, students must be certified Open Water Divers or equivalent from a recognized training agency to enroll in an SSI Specialty Program, except for the Ecology programs which have no prerequisites apart from being 10 years or older.

What is involved?

  • Contact us to register you for your chosen course to ask more information.
  • Payment can be via Paypal or bank transfer.
  • You must achieve 100% in the Online Final Exam and can perform multiple attempts until a 100% passing grade is achieved.
  • For programs requiring additional training, the Training Center and the student need to schedule the practical application and/or in-water training sessions for a future date.  Who knows when this will be but hopefully not too long.

Shark Ecology