It is not the destination but the journey that is important, right?
Not when you are scuba diving at Sail Rock!

Diving Destination Thailand

The day starts early but you are diving Sail Rock by 8 am, you have an hour to explore the secret pinnacle with its schools of barracuda, massive groupers and soft corals before heading back to the boat for a surface break before the second dive. And after a light breakfast, you have about one hour to have a snooze before setting up your equipment and having a dive briefing.

Second diver: Explore the Pinnacle

The second dive you can explore the pinnacle and make a complete circuit of Sail Rock and if you can find it, go through the chimney which starts at 18m and rises to exit at 6m with plenty of light to see around you and makes it perfect to start your safety stop.  Around the pinnacle, you will see schools of batfish, 30 strong, giant barracuda, longfin bannerfish, just schools and schools of fish.  Like a mega city for fish and one of the best chances to see a whale shark.

Between Koh Tao and Koh Phangan

Why is it so popular with fish and divers?  The pinnacle sits between Koh Tao and Koh Phangan rising out of the surface like a mushroom with nothing else around it for miles so the fish go there for shelter and feeding and naturally divers follow with their bubbles and cameras.  And It is very popular with the whale sharks too, your best chance of seeing them is here when it is the right time of year.

koh tao diving sal rock

Sail Rock course

The Journey from Koh Tao to Sail Rock

It takes about one hour and 40 minutes each way to reach from Koh Tao, on the way you get a light breakfast (or a heavy one if you want) and a chance for a snooze while it’s still the early morning coolness.  On the way back you get a Thai curry and rice to fill you up after using all that energy to get around Sail Rock two times and a chance for another snooze while working on your suntan, but don’t forget the suncream!  It makes a great couple of dives to finish your open water course or advanced scuba diving course.

advanced scuba course