When you are on holiday your time is limited, you have planned everything to within 30 minutes to get the most out of your time in Thailand to experience as many activities and visit as many places as possible.  Bangkok night market, temples at Ayutthaya, Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan and scuba diving on Koh Tao. It is the most popular place for diving in the world as it has developed from having the best dive sites in the Gulf of Thailand that are within easy reach to having great dive schools who certify thousands of people every year, the two most popular courses being open water and try scuba diving.

Whale shark, biggest fish in the sea

The open water licence takes 3 days but if you have limited time you can still get the scuba diving experience in just one day so you can still enjoy and experience the underwater world even if you do not have time to make the open water licence.  Or if you are not sure that you will like scuba diving you can do the one day experience to try it before you decide to take the open water licence.

Koh Tao scuba diving

Newly certified open water scuba divers on Koh Tao

The one day scuba experience is for those typically who only have 2 or 3 days on the island, one day to explore the island’s great beaches, one day for diving and one day to recover from the party the night before!

The one day scuba diving is called Try Scuba Diving, it will teach you the basic part of the theory of diving and we show you the equipment and how it works and complete a short quiz, this takes about an hour, we start this at 10am so you have time for lunch/breakfast before we leave for the boat at 11.45am.

Once on the boat you can relax while your instructor assembles the equipment as we make our way to the dive site and when everything is ready you put everything on and make a thorough safety check before jumping in the water and, staying on the surface, make your way to the beach.  When you are in water that is about chest deep you stop, as here under the water the instructor will show you the basic safety skills, and you copy those skills with the instructor watching to make sure you do it safely an correctly.

Try scuba diving

Try scuba diving teaches you the basic skills for diving safely.

With the skills completed you then start your dive from the beach, shallow to begin with as we slowly build your confidence, buoyancy and diving skills watching the fish and enjoying the corals.  You are allowed to go to a maximum depth of 12m but you can stay at the depth that you feel comfortable at or what the dive site allows.  We allow up to one hour for this dive but it can be shorter, it depends on how fast you breathe and how quickly you go through your air supply and then you go back to the boat.

koh tao diving

Koh Tao try scuba diving

After a break you can decide to make a second dive, no skills to complete like before, it will just be a dive to a maximum depth of 12m, the same as the first one. Most people do this as they have learnt a lot from the first dive and the second one is more about enjoying the underwater world and making the most of your one day of scuba diving and hopefully not your last as we will have inspired you to continue to the open water course.

koh tao scuba diving

open water diving course



You will have completed the beginning part of the open water course! And as you a reward you get the a Basic Diver recognition card, as everything is done digitally this will be sent to your mobile phone to keep or share with friends.  There is also the option to have photographer or videographer come with you and take pictures or make a short movie, the cost depends on what you want but starts at 2,000 baht.  The diving rules do not allow you to take a camera with you on this beginner diving course.

Koh Tao scuba diving

Try scuba diving recognition card, Basic Diver