One of the first things that you will want to buy for scuba diving is a mask, no it really is.

The masks that you use for the open water diving course are normally good quality and fit the majority of people but your instructor will explain the benefits of owning your own equipment and suggest that a diving mask is a great first step.

Buying your own mask for diving

Why should you buy your own mask?  Buying a mask that fits you properly means it is more comfortable, will not leak water inside, fog up etc making your Koh Tao diving less stressful particularly on your open water diving course and will make your future scuba diving more enjoyable.  And you will know exactly where it has been and how it has been looked after before you stick it on your face.

scuba diving course

Open water course

Getting the right fit is the most important

Getting the right fit is the most important for any equipment that you buy so you should try a few different masks and see which ones fit you and then look at the cost and your budget.  Sometimes a cheap mask could fit you better than an expensive one.

Make sure your mask fits

How do you know it fits?  Without using the mask strap, tilt your head back and let the mask sit on your face.  Using your fingers feel around the edge of the silicone skirt, there should be no gaps where it touches your skin.  Breathe in a little through your nose and without using your hands to hold the mask in place lean forward until you are facing the floor.  The suction should hold it in place if there are any gaps the mask will fall off so be ready to catch it.  If it does try another until you find one that sticks to your face.

dive training for the open water course

koh tao scuba diving course

Wash your mask in fresh water after scuba diving

The prices range from 25 Euros to 80 Euros and more but if you take care of it a good mask will last you years so it does make a great investment.  Wash it in fresh water after scuba diving, let it dry properly before putting it away to prevent any mold growing, keep it in its box to prevent to being squashed or damaging the silicone.  Do not forget to read the instructions too, I know it is only a mask but it does often say keep away from naked flames and avoid sudden impacts like falling face first into the water.  Common sense right?

koh tao scuba diving

Scuba diving mask

Previously masks used to be only available in black or clear silicone but now manufacturers are producing masks in different colors with matching snorkels.  Pinks, yellow, red, bright blue etc.  Now the hardest part is choosing which color!  And the choice of colors is getting longer and longer.

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Scuba diving mask


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