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Divemaster Course | 2 months | 10000 THB deposit

Thinking of becoming a professional diver?  Want a change of lifestyle and live the dream?  Or you just have a real passion for diving and want to improve your diving skills?  Then the SSI Divemaster course is for you.

The Lowdown

Your SSI Divemaster Training will include:

  • All training materials in your preferred language, digital copies accessible from your phone or laptop
  • All professional membership fees valid through the renewal year
  • Unlimited diving for the duration of your course
  • Use of high quality rental equipment
  • Certifications in the following courses: Dive Guide, Science of Diving, Deep Diving, Enriched Air Nitrox, Night and Limited Visibility Diving and Navigation Diving
  • Specialised workshops and lectures on Marine Life and conservation
  • SSI professional merchandise goodies

After becoming certified as an SSI Divemaster you will be authorised to:

  • Guide certified divers on recreational scuba dives
  • Conduct the Try Snorkel and Snorkeling Programme
  • Teach, supervise and issue recognition cards for the SSI Snorkeling program
  • Act as a certified assistant for all SSI recreational courses
  • Assist during open water training dives by taking no more than two students on excursion dives
  • Qualify as a Training Specialist for the SSI Ecology Speciality programs

We also do monthly clean ups at dive sites and the beaches in collaboration with other dive schools that you are encouraged to join.  If you want to know more please contact us and one of our senior staff will be happy to answer any questions at [email protected]


You must be at least 18 years old, have  the SSI Stress and Rescue certification or equivalent, hold a current CPR, First Aid and Oxygen Provider qualification (within the last 24 months) and be physically fit for diving.  You will need to submit a current medical signed by a physician within the last 12 months which you can do here on Koh Tao.

Added Requirements

A full set of equipment is required if you wish to pursue a career in the diving industry but we understand that you may want to do this course to boost your skills and confidence as a diver and/or you plan to travel after.  So we have equipment packages that if you buy online when booking you will recieve a discount of 15%!

Extra Qualifications

A part of being a dive professional is being able to offer Dive Centres something that others cannot, like being able to service and maintain dive equipment, or being a Freediver for instance.  So here at Mojo Divers we would like to offer you the opportunity to add these extra skills your Resumes by attending courses by specially trained professionals.  For more information please specify your interests upon booking.

If you are interested in becoming a Divemaster, then contact us now [email protected]



Divemaster Course

Our relaxed approach means that there is no time limit to complete the course and the programme can be completed in as little as 4 weeks.  However, we do recommend you take at least 6 weeks to 8 weeks.  You will need 40 logged dives to start the course and a minimum of 60 to finish.  But we like to take you 80 logged dives to give you more experience and coaching.  While you will have various theory and skill sessions to attend, assist on courses and will have some self-study.  You can also fun dive as much as you like.  Allowing you to visit Koh Tao’s amazing dive sites and learn to navigate them for when you lead fun divers.

You will develop your dive skills and learn to become a professional diver, which includes more than what you might think.  For instance, diving logistics, basic equipment maintenance, customer service skills, selling skills and confidence.  You will have the choice to be certified in different specialty areas. Including Deep diving to 40m, Navigation diving, Enriched Air Nitrox and Night and Limited Visibility diving for an extra fee.  After all, specialty training is what will make you stand out from the rest.  Allows you take many more certified divers than just those who are open water or advanced divers.

We can also help with your accommodation as well, Koh Tao has a great variety of places to stay catering for all requirements and budgets.

A word on booking

You can book our divemaster course in advance without paying a deposit to secure your course with or without accommodation. Our taxi will collect you for free from the pier and bring you to our shop to complete the registration.  You will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours by our staff where we will ask you to confirm your arrival time and date and ferry company name.  Do not worry if you have not booked a ferry yet.  However, please note we need 24 hours notice to arrange our taxi to collect you from pier to avoid any delays in meeting you.

Booking Terms and Conditions

By sending this request and payment you are submitting a reservation for your diving courses.  Be ensure that you have read and understood our terms and conditions.

Please ensure that you read the medical form and if you have to answer yes to any questions you will require sign off by a diving doctor.  While this is available on Koh Tao some pre-existing conditions may require sign off by your doctor or specialist, if in doubt please ensure the medical questionnaire is completed before leaving your home country.  Some medical conditions are not suitable for diving and may preclude you from diving.

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